My Games And Projects - Portfolio

Hibernating Hedgehogs - Grads In Games - Rising Star finalist 2021 (C# Unity)
This game finished second in Rising star and joint fourth across Rising Star & Search for a star(Final year and Masters). I was subsiquently nominated as a finalist for my game and associated coding challenge. The project was to convert a simple 2D minesweeper game into something new, whilst maintaining a significant proportion of the provided code.

My main issues were performance related. I used the Unity profiler tool to identify a number of memory issues in the tile reveal functions. (Unoptimised recursion + material set pass calls)

  • Multiple board sizes, procedurally created at run time.
  • Procedural placement of prop geometry around the created board
  • Dynamic cell reveal
  • Character and camera controller
  • Level select UI Highscores
  • Time tracking, star and level unlocks
  • Save system

  • Twitch Overlay Game (C# Unity)

    Following a conversation with a streamer friend, I offered to make an interactive overlay game that his viewers could view and play with through their stream. Produced in Unity, it  allows each chatter in the stream to join a character into the game, control and level it up through combat and interaction.

    The main issue I faced was getting to grips with working with a different API. Luckily, Twitch's documentation is very good and this was managable. Since release, I've been engaging with users to ensure that any issues are resolved and feedback considered for ongoing releases.

  • Created an asynchronous IRC connection/management system with websockets with IRC chat parser as a stand alone package that I utilised as a Git submodule within the project
  • Character creation, spawning and movement
  • Fighting and experience system with lootbox bonus exp
  • JSON saving of all character data
  • Menu system
  • Editor functionality
  • Supporting documentation

  • Planet Defence - Android mobile game (C# Unity) 

    My target for the summer following the first year at university was to complete a game that I could release on mobile, specifically to the Android Play Store. The game was produced over a few weeks and delivers a feature complete game.

    I used this project as a test bed to further develop my personal tools package. Something that I intend to maintain and develop. A collection of editor modifications and static extensions that can be used across multiple projects. I also took the opportunity to develop a number of editor extensions and debug tools to assist development. Such as data view panels, autoplay and CSV data loading.

  • Health, damage, movement and shooting systems
  • Wave spawning
  • Full menu system, including saved preferences
  • CSV import of enemy and wave data to improve development workflow
  • Custom editors to review wave data and player unlocks and an autoplay system for debug testing
  • Story, unlock and progression system

  • Personal Game Projects

    For: Global Game Jam 2021 Project:  Flip off platformer

    For:  Airship Interactive Jam Project:  "Growth" theme - Procedural tree generation

    For: Playtonic/Grads in Games jam Project:  Yooka-Laylee inspired project

    For: Formula Student Project: GPS Log Parser C++

    For: Personal Project Project: Gold Miner (Aussie Gold Hunters inspired procedural world)

    For:  Coventry University Marketing Department   Project:  Halo Coffee Educational Marketing Game - Demo

    For: Coventry Uni - 2022 Week 1 GameJam  Project: Automita 

    For: University Graphics Module Project: OpenGL C++