Automita - Coventry Uni, 2022, Week 1 Gamejam


The first week of any new year at Coventry University, teams are created across Games technology and games art to produce a game in 3-4 days. This year, my team created Automita, a sci-fi themed infinite runner.

The team was made up of quite a few artist, a number of other programmers at varying levels. I took on a role that was lead programmer and project lead. Following previous experience and working with a number of the artists previously, we had a much better art to Unity workflow which allowed us to make really good progress as a team. However, due to the experience levels of a number of the other programmers(no C# or Unity experience). I took a large proportion of the programming work and integration of code and systems, whilst ensuring that each team member knew what they needed to do and supporting them to be able to say they've contributed something. 

This was a really great experience again working with a team of varying skills and abilities and helping others to learn. 

The key technical challange was the map generation. This could have been a monalithic task, however, I was sure to spend time at the beginning designing a realistic, suitable solution for the time constraints. Opting for a solution that limited the number of sequential turns and limiting the number of tiles to avoid an intersecting route.   

My contributions were as follows:

  • Procedural map generation
  • Score tracking, including highscores and local save
  • Character input, movement and camera (excluding jump, which was introduced as later addition)
  • Main Menu/GameOver/Pause UI
  • Quick time turning system
  • Collectable pickup
  • Created all scenes, transitions and integration of all produced systems
  • Minor prop movement scripts
  • Team consisting of:
  • Stuart Heath
  • Daniel Thomson
  • Paul Elder
  • Hyeontae An (Leo)
  • Michal Bressa
  • Aleksandra Zatorska
  • Joe Walton
  • Mohapi Masoeu
  • Akhilesh Luchmun
  • Github