Planet Defence - Android Game


My target for the summer following the first year at university was to complete a game that I could release on mobile, specifically to the Android Play Store. The game was produced over a few weeks and delivers a feature complete game.

Although not a particulaly technically challenging project. I used this project as a test bed to further develop my personal tools package. Something that I intend to maintain and develop. Predomently a collection of editor modifications and static extensions that can be used across multiple projects. I also took the oppurtunity to develop a number of editor extensions and debug tools to assist development. Such as data view panels, autoplay and CSV data loading.

It still requires clean up and polish.  I'm glad to be able to release my first game.

Key functionality implemented:

  • Wave spawning
  • Health, damage, movement and shooting systems
  • Full menu system, including saved preferences
  • CSV import of enemy and wave data to improve development workflow
  • Custom editors to review wave data and player unlocks
  • Autoplay system for debug testing
  • Story
  • Unlock and progression system
  • Github

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