HALO Coffee Marketing Demo


Halo Coffee Educational Marketing Game - Demo on behalf of Coventry University Marketing Department

Produced to client specification for Coventry University Marketing Department for HALO Coffee using Unity/C#

Following a call from our course director for help, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

This project was my first time working to a client brief. Liasing with the customer to understand their requirements and working with them to ensure that we were both aligned on expectations. 

The key challenge on this project was a late request to allow the end client, the ability to use two different sets of scripted questions depending on target audience. I devised a solution that would allow the end client, by simply changing the questions stored in a CSV within the WebGL build, could change the questions at their convenience. This utilised functionality from WebGL streamable assets.

​ Key functionality implemented included:

  • Procedural board generation 
  • Question and answer system - extendible via accessible CSV 
  • Dynamic snakes/ladder logic
  • Dice Rolling and tweening
  • Audio Control
  • Time tracking
  • Editor functionality to force win/force specific roll for debugging