Hibernating Hedgehogs


Hibernating Hedgehogs - Rising Star 2021

Produced for the 2021 Grads in Games - Rising Star Competition. 

This game finished 2nd in Rising star and joint 4th across Rising Star & Search for a star(Final year and Masters). ​I was subsiquently nominated as a finalist for my game and coding challenge. The project was to convert a simple 2D minesweeper game into something new, whilst maintaining a significant proportion of the provided code.

On this project I had two key issues. Firstly, after implementing the slow tile reveal, I identified a performance issue. After crashing Unity several times, I used the Unity profiler tool to determine that I had a recursive check for each cells unlock. This was infact checking cells that had already been checked, compounded with the below issue, I was effectivly running out of memory on my PC. After resolving the checking loop this was resolved.

However, the issue remained was that I was simply setting the materials color and this was therefore generating a large number of set pass calls. Once this was changed to using material property blocks. This too was resolved.

​ Key functionality implemented included:

  • Multiple board sizes, dynamically created at run time.
  • Dynamic placement of prop geometry around the created board
  • Dynamic cell reveal
  • Character and camera controller
  • Level select UI Highscores
  • Time tracking, star and level unlocks
  • Save system
  • In this project, no 2D or 3D art was produced by me.