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Welcome to Twitch Fighter Bot developed by @pkplonker


Setting up in game

Load the game up and follow the below setup.

A few options are avaliable, located by pressing the esc key ingame.

  1. Show/Hide Background
  2. Show/Hide Trees
  3. Login

Ensure the status is connection confirmed, if it’s not after a few seconds of attempting connection, try again.

Within OBS, use a Chroma Key effect filter to remove generate the overlay effect.


Logging in

Logging in requires your twitch username, it’s recommended to set up an additional account to name the bot whatever you choose.

You will need an Oauth password, you can generate one here

You will then need to enter the channel to join, presumambly yours :)

Below are the commands avaliable to use

Note, all commands are not case sensitive

Admin commands